A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


[v0.2] Updates and Patch Notes: here

Action, mystery and fun—a first-person adventure game as an epic journey with an arsenal of FPS and story mechanics. The end is the beggining.

  {Extremely early version of game, not yet done developing}


W - Move forward

A - Turn left

S - Move backwards

D - Turn right

E - Look up

F - Look down

Space - Jump

W + Shift - Sprint

1 - Equip knife

2 - Equip gun

(Weapons can only be equipped once acquired!)

Alt - Toggle crosshair for aiming pistol

Click to interact!

==Open doors, open chests, acquire objects, and take down enemies==

How To Play:

1. Make sure to headshot enemies when using a firearm! It is the best, and possibly the only way to take down a Ranger—the current alien class in the game.

Install instructions

How To Start Game:

DoP just requires a one-time, simple, small and free client piece of software to run. Simply navigate under DoP download section and choose your current operating system client software option. Select the corresponding file, wait for the quick download, open Alice 2.4 and extract it's file to wherever you like.

Now open your DoP game file, and you'll a big window of the coding for the game. Easily navigate to the upper right hand corner and click play.


What is the Client Software?

The Client software is the Alice Software, available for free at www.alice.org. It is the IDE used to make this game. Version 2 (specifically 2.4) was utilized to code it. A huge thanks to the Alice Community and Carnegie Mellon University, the incredible people who developed the educational tool and are continuing to do so today!

Alice 2.x © 1999-2015, Alice 3.x © 2008-2015, Carnegie Mellon University. All rights reserved. We gratefully
acknowledge the financial support of Oracle, Electronic Arts, Sun Microsystems, DARPA, Intel, Microsoft, NSF and ONR.


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Client Software for Windows
Client Software for Linux
Client Software for Mac
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